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You can make something as beautiful as the frame above using the simple materials in the image below!

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Tip: For variations, try embossing. The texture of tissue paper produces a crisp image.

Tissue Paper Decoupage
By Shari Carroll

Ever thought tissue paper had a lot of creative potential? Bring the playful colors and textures to life with the latest Hero Arts technique of Tissue Decoupage. To make amazing dimensional items, this is the technique for you.

Gather Your Materials
To start, you will need tissue paper, decoupage type glue, rubber stamps, and ink. Gorgeous items can be made using flowers, leaves, scripts, and alphabet sets. Let your imagination whisk you away.

Find a form you would like to cover such as a paper mache box, wood item, frame, or even glass bulbs or plates (decorative.) Covering the form with a base coat of Gesso is desired on wood items, but not always necessary. Select some colored tissue papers that will coordinate. There are many prepackaged papers at craft stores with ten or so sheets of printed and solid patterns that are ready to go. Select your stamps for the project. Get your work area ready with a protective covering.

Prepare The Tissue Paper
You are going to create two types of tissue paper. First start with a floral or patterned tissue paper. Stamp flowers, scripts and leaves with Brilliance Graphite Black ink, and set aside to dry.

Next, tear about a one foot square of solid or patterned tissue paper. Tear into about one inch sections. Once you have a good amount torn (depending on the size of your project), you are ready to go.

Apply The Tissue Paper
Start by applying glue to the form using a small sponge brush in the area in which you are to start. Lay pieces by piece of your smaller unstamped tissue to the form. Apply glue to the top of each piece as you move along. Vary the colors to achieve balance (light areas, dark areas). Leave some areas open as you will eventually be covering the entire piece. For best results continue working piece over piece while still wet.

When you have desired coverage (experiment), start applying the stamped tissue. Tear close around each image and place on the form. When working with scripts, try tearing in strips. Overlap as desired.

The enjoyable part of this project is the outcome once the piece comes out of it's glue white fog. When the object is dry, reapply at least three more coats of glue, allowing to dry in-between.