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Start with a digital butterfly, stamp it with a text background, and color! Couldn't be easier.

Can't find the right printed paper? Create your own with a digital design...

...and take that printed paper and add it to your stamped card.

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Tip: If you're new to digital, start simple with Microsoft Word!

Digital Made Easy!
By Hero Arts Staff

This is the place to find out all the basics and details on digital.

Digital is a creative and fun addition to your stamping toolkit.

There are a number of ways you can do digital cards and layouts, from all digital to hybrid, and we will show you how! Here are the easy-to-use steps for "doing digital."

1. Get a digital file or kit.

Start with a Hero Arts Digital CD collection or download a Hero Arts Digital kit from the Hero Arts Digital Store on Two Peas In A Bucket. Just pick the image that most inspires you!

- How To Download Digital Kits

2. Open In Your Software Tool of Choice

Don’t get scared, as this step is easy once you try it a couple of times. You really just need the right tool to make your creation happen! Let’s briefly talk about the tools:

- Microsoft Word, Paint, and other software with basic design features
These packages are great because you are probably familiar with them, and they make it easy to PLACE or INSERT your image in your document. From there, you just drag the corners to size as you like.

- Placing Digital in Word (Mac)

- Placing Digital in Word 2007 (PC)

- Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and other advanced design software

These packages, used by graphic artists and digital designers, allow you to do a wide array of things from size to layer, add and change elements, combine designs, alter colors, and much more.

- Getting Start in Photoshop

- Photoshop Elements – The Basics

- Photoshop with Hero Arts Digital

3. Get Inspired!

Now that you have the image in your software tool, away we go! This is where, like cardmaking and scrapbooking, you just need inspiration.

You really just have to make a simple choice at this point in order to direct your creativity: is this digital idea going to only include digital elements ("all digital"), or are you going to print it out and continue the creative process with stamps and other craft supplies ("hybrid")?

Once you make that choice, you are ready to move on!

4a. Create Hybrid!

Just print your digital piece and use it in combination with all of the great techniques of crafting and stamping. This is where the fun begins!

There really is no limit to hybrid creations. Try starting with a simple digital element (like a butterfly or a pattern) that you could use instead of printed paper or a sticker. Then, just print it out, and like any pattern or image, now apply your crafting techniques to make something wonderful. Here are some ideas on where to start with Hybrid:

- Hybrid Butterfly Card

- Hybrid Cards Made Easy!

- Digital Instead of Printed Paper

4b. Create All Digital

Generally this is for the more savvy digital designer or graphic artist, where you assemble various digital elements on a card or page. It can also include more simple manipulation of “Quick Pages,” photo Christmas card templates you can get from a place like Shutterfly, or other digital elements combined on the screen. See below for some ideas:

- Two Peas: 5 easy ideas with Photoshop

- Quick Page Beginner Tutorial in Photoshop

- How To Color with Photoshop (Digital 104)

5. Share

No matter what you do, all digital, hybrid, or all by hand, just be sure to share your work! We would LOVE to see it, so be sure to share it with us and the wonderful Hero Arts stampers community:

- Hero Arts on Flickr